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2 min readMay 6, 2021

Why can’t I get through trauma and feel healed?
Why cancer again?

Why bankruptcy?

Why herpes?

Why divorce?

Why the loss of a loved one?

All of these are really asking WHY ME. Why now…or why again…

I was once stuck in the pain and anguish of asking WHY for almost 2 decades so I really do know how hard a lesson this is to get but here’s the thing. The THING that happened didn’t change so asking why me will keep you stuck there. Mid grief cycle in your pain or trauma. The only thing that shifted was me, how I felt about it, and coming to a place of acceptance.

Tragedy befalls us all at some point in life, so asking “Why me?” keeps us small and from seeing the bigger picture.

Plus the question why me is not what we really want to know. The question we really need to answer is HOW…how do I accept this? HOW do I move forwards? How will I be ok?

The answers we are seeking are often hidden from view until a time when we become conscious enough to understand a bigger plan. Until we are further along our journey and can look back and see with a fresh perspective from an older wiser us…

Gods/the universe's rejection may have been for our protection. A lesson, a learning, a way forward on a new path. Or simply part of life's universal hardships. Shifting our perspective to acceptance of this is key.

Often we want answers to our questions in the NOW but we don’t realize that we may be currently LIVING our answers. If we trust our process, in time will look back in the rear vision mirror and see we were in the muck of it all.

It’s not about DOING something to get the answers though we often try this desperately to no avail. It’s about surrendering to what is and asking HOW instead of WHY.

Surrendering to what is, to the now, to the path you’re currently on…and trusting if you shift your perspective the answers will be shown in time.

Much love to anyone in the painful place of the why.

k xo



Kirsty Spraggon — Speaker

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